About Us

MITIC Group (MM2H) Sdn Bhd is appointed by the Government of Malaysia as a licensed agent and sponsor for the MALAYSIA MY SECOND HOME programme.

Our Services

Ensure that approval is obtained within a reasonable time.

Be the local liaison acting on behalf of the applicant.

We will help you to transfer visa to a new passport.

Advice on how to start and register new business in Malaysia.

Assist in all the follow-up requirements after submission.

Submit a Personal Bond required by the Immigration Department of Malaysia.

Assist in the preparation and subsequent submission of the applications.

Free advice and consultancy on any matters pertaining to MM2H.

What is Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) Programme?


Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) Programme is promoted by the Government of Malaysia to allow foreigners who fulfill certain criteria, to stay in Malaysia for as long as possible on a multiple-entry social visit pass. The Social Visit Pass is initially for a period of ten (10) years, and is renewable.