Car Dealers & Distributors

MM2H Car Tax Incentives

Each MM2H participant may import one used motorcar (ownership of more than 6 months prior to issuance of MM2H visa) which belongs to him/her from his/her country of citizenship or where he/she last domiciled. He/She will be exempted from paying import duty, excise duty and sales tax on the imported motorcar within six (6) months from the endorsement of the MM2H visa.


Each MM2H participant may purchase one new motorcar made or assembled in Malaysia. He/She will be exempted from paying excise duty and sales tax on the new approved car within one (1) year from the endorsement date of the MM2H visa.


Car Dealers  & Distributors

Below are links to the car dealers & distributors in Malaysia (Please note that some of the car models are fully imported thus not qualified for tax incentives as stated above, please contact the car dealers for clarifications )  :

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