Our Services 


Our main aspiration is to provide the smoothest of transitions for the participants’ relocation to their second home, Malaysia. The Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) application will be managed by the most proficient with qualified personnel in the industry, who are committed to keeping to your timelines and requirements.

Essentially, our role is to ensure that the applications are legitimate and to corroborate the submitted background information, financial status and family situation as accurate and acceptable.

As a sponsor, we are also required to undertake a personal bond on behalf of our applicants in the event that any commit criminal offenses in Malaysia. In short, we provide them with a one-stop service for all their residency, investment and retirement needs in Malaysia.

As a Licensed Agent and Sponsor, we shall :

  • Assist in the preparation and subsequent submission of the applications to

the Immigration Department of Malaysia.

  • Submit a Personal Bond required by the Immigration Department of Malaysia.
  • Assist in all the follow-up requirements after submission.
  • Ensure that approval is obtained within a reasonable time.
  • Be the local liaison acting on behalf of the applicant.
  • Assist in providing other optional services if required


In addition, we provide efficient and personal services in the following :

  • Visa Applications
  • Business Set-up Advice
  • Sourcing Of Suitable Homes
  • Travel and Holiday Arrangements
  • Education / School Liaison
  • Student Pass Applications
  • Medical & Insurance Arrangements
  • Domestic Help Applications
  • Property Management
  • Healthcare Arrangements
  • Legal Consultation


After Obtaining Conditional Approval Letter –


  • We will assist to arrange transportation & hotel accommodation for the applicant’s visit to Malaysia if required.
  • We will assist in the depositing of the necessary financial requirements with the local bank.
  • To assist in arranging for medical check-up & obtaining the report.
  • To assist in arranging for local medical insurance or its waiver procedures.
  • We will make arrangement for the MM2H visa sticker from the Immigration Department.


After Participate MM2H Programme (Additional Services) –


  • We will assist the participant to apply i-Kad for MM2H holders.
  • We can assist the participant to search and register their children in the local educational institution.
  • We can assist in the rental or the purchase of house in Malaysia.
  • We can arrange for the transportation needs of the applicant i.e. the purchase or lease of motor vehicle.
  • We are able to assist in any business set-up in Malaysia and to provide legal consultation.
  • We can assist the participant in obtaining legal advice and other related matters.